To give a little background about myself: My name is Myles Harris and am currently a senior attending Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio. I plan on graduating in the spring in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communications. With my degree I plan to land a job in my field in sports media. The reasoning behind my blog is to not let my voice be heard in the sports world but to also make myself as marketable as possible. With my blog I want to increase my SEO along with practice my writing skills. As far as goals I hope to one day be seriously involved as an employee at a large sports network like ESPN or CBS sports but realize it takes time, patience, and experience and this blog is an experience for me.

Quick Notes

  • I play tennis at my University
  • Sports
  • I am a voice on the Raider Sports Scene radio show
    • 106.9  FM Fairborn-Ohio
  • Sports
  • Favorite sports teams
    • Eagles, Lakers, FC Barcelona, Ohio State Buckeyes and of course Wright State Raiders
  • Sports



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