I think it’s only right that my first post be about who I am so that viewers know, well, who I am….


My name is Myles Harris and I’m a fourth year student at Wright State University with a major in Mass Communications. I’m a member on the tennis team at my school and I’ve created a Twitter page for the team ( I decided to make a blog because my goal is to one day write and analyze for ESPN and I found that blogging is a good way to expose my writing.


Although tennis is the sport that I play, I read about and watch many other sports (basketball, soccer, football, etc.). My two favorite sports (other than tennis) would have to be basketball and football. I’ve been a Lakers fan for as long as I can remember (yes that includes a Kobe fan as well) and as soon as I started following football deeply I’ve become a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I follow soccer as well. I must say I’m a huge Barcelona fan and enjoy watching Lionel Messi. I try to watch as many sports as possible to stay as versatile as possible. One thing I can say I have learned at school is to keep my options as open as possible and being versatile can plenty of opportunity. If I had to pick a sport to write and analyze about, it would have to be basketball (I know, shocking). Although tennis is the sport I understand most especially since I play it, basketball is a sport that people watch and like more than a sport like tennis. It’s unfortunate because I feel like tennis is one of the most underrated sports in the world, but don’t worry, I’ll write about that later. Basketball has a bigger fan base, especially in a network like ESPN.

As far as what you’ll see on this blog will be the most recent and interesting topics through sports, whether it’s a big time trade, results/reactions to the final four, playoff pictures, drafts, etc. My goal is to keep this blog as active as possible so please comment, follow, read, subscribe do it all!

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